Platform Enhancement: Revamped Calendar Delivers Better Interface for Event Management


With TargetSolutions, feedback from customers translates into real, meaningful enhancements that help agencies streamline tasks and improve processes. The latest enhancement has completely revamped the Calendar’s functionalities inside TargetSolutions’ online training management system.

The new module provides agencies better oversight of their events with easy-to-use features. A totally redesigned calendar interface also helps personnel stay on top of their department’s occurrences and conveniently access information.

Learn what’s new with the Calendar module in TargetSolutions:

All-New Calendar Interface

This update includes a new tab and interactive drop-down calendar in the platform for easy access from any module in your site. From the drop-down calendar view, individuals have a condensed view of their credentials and assignments that are due soon, as well as upcoming events that they have access to view or enroll in.

In the full calendar view, the right panel shows your agenda of upcoming events, activities or credentials within your selected date range. When you click a task from the right panel, details will open up, such as descriptions, enrolled users, event time, and more.

Aside from convenience, the Calendar is also highly customizable. Agencies can color code the calendar based on shift rotations and choose how the color coding is displayed. Custom tags can also be used as filters, such as EMS training or driver training, to help individuals filter through events that are relevant to them. These tag selections are then automatically saved so the drop-down calendar displays their preferred settings.

Streamline How You Create Events

Creating an event becomes even simpler with the new calendar. Platform administrators with event creation rights just have to select a day and “quick create” the event with basic options for the times, user enrollment, etc. To further customize the event, a “more options” menu will allow the platform administrator to add additional event information.

Easy Search Functionalities

A comprehensive search function helps personnel find past, current or upcoming events, activities or credentials. In addition to searches by event or assignment title, individuals can also search by events they created themselves, events they’re enrolled in or attended and other qualifications.

The Tags feature can also be applied in your search. Events can be filtered by their tags to yield the most relevant results.

Improvements for Your End Users

While the new calendar is packed with administrator functionality, it will also be much more useful to your end users. Whether they only want to see events they’re enrolled in, or all events they’re able to enroll in. They can personalize their calendar so that it displays what’s most important for them to do their job well.

For questions about the all-new Calendar, please visit this article in the Help Center.

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