New Course: Gifted Learners and Differentiated Instruction

Gifted Learners and Differentiated Instruction


The latest addition to the Instruction and Learning category in the Exceptional Child course library is Gifted Learners and Differentiated Instruction. Some learners know that they are gifted.  But identifying a gifted student is not always easy. Not all gifted learners are alike, though many share some characteristics. Some say an IQ score determines whether a child is gifted. Others say all children are gifted. The list of possible qualities could go on endlessly. So, what are the characteristics of gifted students and how can we best help them reach their full potential? The goal of this course is to provide educators with an overview of differentiated instruction and strategies to meet the needs of gifted learners. We'll accomplish this by exploring the identification of gifted learners, assessment and planning, and strategies for differentiated instruction.

About the Author

This course is authored by Dr. Karen Megay-Nespoli. Dr. Megay-Nespoli is an Associate Professor at St. Joseph's College and the Director of the Graduate Program in Literacy and Cognition. Dr. Megay-Nespoli has a strong background in the education of gifted and talented students, having worked for over ten years both in the classroom and as a consultant for gifted programs. As an advocate for gifted students, she serves on the Board of Directors of Advocacy for Gifted and Talented Students in New York State (AGATE). Dr. Megay-Nespoli has presented at a variety of international, national, state and local-level organizational conferences.

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