New Course Helps Educators Deal with Unpredictable Behavior in Special Education Classrooms

Learning proper techniques for managing students with disabilities is critical for teachers and school district personnel tasked with helping special needs children. TargetSolutions is pleased to offer a new course in its online training library for K-12 Education, titled “Proper Use of Seclusion and Restraint.”
This course delivers valuable information for educators dealing with unpredictable behavior, including special education classrooms. Seclusion and restraint, however, are typically last resorts, and educators must adhere to strict district policies if these procedures are used.
“Disciplining today’s young people in a non-parental situation is becoming more and more difficult,” said TargetSolutions’ Content Architect Jeremy Lynch. “And while handling tough situations is never black and white, there are rules that can be followed to protect everyone. We built this course to offer at least guidelines for teachers and school district personnel to follow when students’ behavior becomes a challenge.”
This computer-based training course consists of a 20-minute overview featuring five learning modules, as well as a 10-question exam. TargetSolutions’ online safety training courses are created by subject experts and feature real-world case studies that provide teachers and school district employees with the knowledge they need to reduce liability in the K-12 setting.
“Now more than ever educators need support and training that focuses on all aspects of the classroom,” said Kelly Zielinski, who serves as TargetSolutions’ Strategic Risk Business Unit Manager. “TargetSolutions’ Proper Use of Seclusion and Restraint course provides real-life guidance to ensure both educators and students are supported through potentially difficult situations.”

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