All New Firefighter Training Course: Rope, Rope Rescue, Knots


Knowledge of important firefighter ropes and knots and effective use of them is an elemental skill for the fire service. From bailouts to hoisting operations, high and low angle rescues, to search and rescue operations, ropes and webbing are part of every firefighter's toolkit.

To help individuals understand the proper execution and maintenance of firefighter ropes and knots, TargetSolutions released the all-new course: Rope, Rope Rescue, Knots. Applicable to firefighters of all training levels, this highly demanded course provides a comprehensive overview of ropes, how to use associated equipment and how to tie popular knots for the industry.

Course Overview

Being able to demonstrate recollection-based muscle memory in a zero-visibility, immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) environment is intrinsic to the job of a firefighter. As an online course, Rope, Rope Rescue, Knots can be taken, and later referred to as a refresher, 24/7 from any web-enabled device.

This course is 100% video-based and covers a variety of rope related material from NFPA 1001, 1983, 1006 and 1670. Engaging lessons also feature an on-screen instructor to explain important terminology and highlight procedures such as the proper cleaning, storage and inspection of ropes. Additionally, a knot tying tutorial enables personnel to follow along and practice knots they will use in the field.

Throughout the course, frequent study exercises check for comprehension before moving on to the next lesson and help improve retention of key points. After completing the course, personnel will be given an exam.

Course Outline

During this 1-hour course, learners will review fundamentals of ropes, performing rope rescues and crucial knot tying. Presented over 10 engaging lessons, Rope, Rope Rescue, Knots instructs personnel through the following topics:

  • Introduction to Rope
  • Types of Rope
  • Rope Materials
  • Rope Construction
  • Caring for Rope
  • Hardware and Harnesses
  • Rope Rescue Basics
  • Knots - Terminology and Applicability
  • Knot Tying Tutorial
  • Conclusion

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