New Functionality Enables Administrators to Add New Activities to Existing Credentials

If you are an administrator who has ever wished you could add an activity into an existing credential directly from the activity, your wait is over. Now, you can save time and avoid the hassle of having to go into Manage Credentials to add a new activity to Credential topics.

New functionality inside Activities Builder enables administrators to add activities straight into a credential topic with just a few simple clicks. Administrators can add an activity to as many credentials as they would like, which saves time.

“In the past, you would have to create an activity and then go into Manage Credentials to add it to the credential,” said Product Manager Misty Pratt. “This was a step that impeded workflow. Now, if you are creating an activity that counts toward credential training requirements, you can add it to that credential topic directly from the activity.”

To learn more about utilizing this new functionality, please click here to view help documentation.

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