Records Management System Tracks Mandatory Documentation During Hiring Process

Are you onboarding staff with endless stacks of paper documentation? Is storing that information in-house, in a file cabinet or desk drawer, taking up valuable space?
If so, your organization is like many others: At risk and in need of strategy to go paperless.
One of TargetSolutions’ most useful tools for risk managers is its New Hire Onboarding Solution, which combines the File Center, Activities Builder and Manage Credentials applications together in a powerful way. These online records management tools work cohesively to streamline the delivery and recordkeeping aspects of mandatory documentation during the hiring process.
TargetSolutions also features automatic alert notifications to ensure key stakeholders, including hiring managers and new employees, are on task to meet requirements. After receiving the electronic assignment with attached documentation – whether it’s a handbook, organizational policy, or anything else that needs to be logged – the employee can authorize with an e-signature, creating a paper-free tracking process. Even better, each assignment’s status can be monitored in real-time with completion reports.

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