New Hydraulic Fluid Safety Video


Work on our Hydraulic Fluid Safety video is finally complete and we've posted a sample clip to YouTube for you to preview. You can check it out below.

Hydraulics are critical in today’s world. Production at many modern workplaces would screech to a halt without them. But hydraulics can also pose hazards, and even cause injuries or deaths, if they’re not understood and used properly.

To get your workforce up to speed on hydraulics, our new module explains:

    • How hydraulic systems work
  • How hydraulic systems use hydraulic fluid
  • Hazards presented by hydraulic fluid
  • Guidelines for installation, normal operation, inspection, repair, and replacement
  • Rescue and first aid guidelines

The new Hydraulic Fluid Safety video can be purchased, along with the rest our fine catalog of environmental and industrial health and safety videos, from

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