New Natural Gas Safety and Pipeline Emergency Response Program Available in Community Resources

After a devastating pipeline explosion rocked the San Francisco suburb of San Bruno in September of 2010 – taking the lives of eight residents and causing tremendous wreckage to homes in the community – the California Public Utilities Commission and other government agencies were focused on preventing similar incidents from occurring in the future.
It was determined that natural gas providers and first responders needed to work more cohesively during emergencies to ensure the safety of our communities. The best way to meet this goal is through comprehensive health and safety training courses, which is why San Diego Gas & Electric brought in training consultant Augie Ghio to create, implement and deliver a program specifically for first responders.
To meet that goal, Ghio and SDG&E held instructor-led training sessions for first responders in San Diego County. Those who were unable to attend the live events – and members of other agencies outside of San Diego County – can complete the training through an online presentation exclusive to clients of TargetSolutions’ online fire training system.
Inside Community Resources, which is TargetSolutions’ online depository for sharing training resources, platform managers and users can find two presentations – “SDG&E Natural Gas Safety and Pipeline Integrity Program (First Responder Training)” and “SDG&E Pipeline Emergency Response Guidelines 2013.”
“Having an option like TargetSolutions to deliver the training, so first responders can participate in the training when they have time, is an excellent method for delivering the training and we’re definitely recommending this training to other agencies,” said Ghio, who prior to working with SDG&E was the Fire Chief with San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District in California.
“There are 53 fire agencies in San Diego County, and we got to most of them. But with new hires and day-off scheduling, it can be incredibly difficult to reach everyone. By sustaining this training program with an online tool, new hire and refresher training is more accessible and less expensive.”
The training created by Ghio is broken into seven focus areas and takes approximately one hour to complete. Some of the information contained reviews mandatory annual Hazmat refresher training that TargetSolutions Account Manager Kegan Konrady recommends for emergency responders everywhere, not just in California.
“We’re excited that Augie has made this training on behalf of SDG&E available to TargetSolutions,” Konrady said. “The training topics covered are relevant to the entire industry. All fire departments deal with natural gas safety, regardless of their region. So it’s applicable to everyone and with it being available in Community Resources, everyone can use it as they see fit.”
The training includes a video clip of a natural gas incident in Cleveland, Ohio that will grab everyone’s attention, Ghio said.
“That particular clip shows what happens when natural gas finds an ignition source and just how catastrophic the damage can be,” Ghio said. “Firefighters need that visualization to see what happens, and as part of this training, we achieve that.”
For more information on this training presentation, or other online training courses and resources available with TargetSolutions’ fire department software, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.
Natural Gas Safety and Pipeline Training Course
The presentation covers seven main focus areas and contains valuable annual Hazmat refresher training.


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