New Safety Training Store –


Well, it may be pretty bold, but we’re making a statement: The name says it all.

What is

Its our new online store, redesigned from the ground up with new technology and a fresh new look! We’ve got new products, more screenshots, and lots of great new information! Not only does it look great, but the stuff under the hood is pretty cool too. Its faster, easier to search, filter and find products, and the checkout process is quick and painless.

What does the new store sell?

Just like our old store, we’ve got all the safety training essentials you need including our popular Bloodborne Pathogens, Fire Safety, and Asbestos Awareness. If you need more than a single topic, we have our 28 DVD Set full of environmental, health and safety training. We’ve also got our Surface Miner Training products (Basic, Standard, and Advanced) that provide training for MSHA Part 46. In addition to the core products, we’ve made room for the future. We’ve got categories all lined up for our Driver Safety courses and our Industrial Essentials library.

What about the old store?

Over the past year and a half, we’ve had a pretty steep increase in products, viewers, and customers, and we finally outgrew our ecommerce platform. In order to provide a better shopping experience and to better support our growing customer base, we have launched a new store at Our old site will continue to be operational until December 31st, 2009. You may shop and complete purchases at the old site, or give the new store a test drive (but please be patient while we work out all the kinks!).

Check it out!
We’ve been working hard to prove to everyone that they don’t have to settle when it comes to training, and now our store stands out just like our products do. So, give it a test drive yourself and check out our new store now!

Want to Know More?

Reach out and a Vector Solutions representative will respond back to help answer any questions you might have.