New Save and Assign Tool Helps Clients Build Whatever They Want, the Way They Want


TargetSolutions prides itself on delivering both innovative technology and exceptional customer service. Our latest application is what happens when those two critical missions blend together.

After hearing the same request from several different clients, TargetSolutions took action with the new Save and Assign tool. This enhanced assignment-building tool that will be released for the first time Thursday, May 30, allows platform managers and users to complete different portions of the same activity. The end result is more consistent records management system and efficiency when delivering repetitive activities, including evaluations, certificates, inspections, etc.

"Departments looking to give both platform managers and users the ability to partially fill out an activity before assigning it are going to love this new application," said TargetSolutions' Product Manager Misty Pratt. "This is really done with the goal of making training records more accurate by letting admins have supervisors and users complete separate parts of the same activity."

TargetSolutions wouldn't be the company it is today if not for the tremendous feedback of clients like Bill Voorhies of DeKalb Fire Department in Georgia. Chief Voorhies spent several months working as one of TargetSolutions' beta clients during the creation of this new tool.

"Save and Assign helps keep training records consistent," said Voorhies, whose department joined TargetSolutions in January of 2011. "By giving users the ability to fill in information related to a location, or an instructor, and then send it back complete is important to the integrity of our training records."

Voorhies also says the ability to batch-enter information will save a significant amount of time.

"Our entire department recently had to attend a customer service class, but different people went at different times," Voorhies explained. "With Save and Assign, we're able to fill in information for everyone about the class and then let individuals enter the specific date they attended. That's a big help."

TargetSolutions' Director of Clients Services Jenny Fergason sees huge potential in the Save and Assign application for departments that are logging their probationary reports online.

"Officers now have the ability to complete a probationary firefighter report electronically for probationary members," Fergason said. "Then, they can send it to the probationary member for final validation and to provide their e-signature. This application provides departments the ability to provide a second layer of validation to their activities. Many clients have requested this feature and we're excited to be able to deliver an easy-to-use solution."

Here are four ways departments will be able to utilize the Save and Assign application:

Evaluation Forms: Platform managers can create an evaluation form and partially complete it before delivering to users. After receiving, users are required to respond to questions or provide e-signatures. This helps departments eliminate paper files and gives managers more flexibility when assigning the same template to multiple users.

Certificate Completions: In addition to providing platform managers and users with the ability to complete different portions of the same activity, Save and Assign relieves managers from having to upload multiple certificates on behalf of employees. Now, they can just save the template and have users upload their own certificates.

Training Records: As a platform manager, your employee training records need to be accurate and consistent. Save and Assign allows you to complete certain portions of an activity for consistency, while leaving other information for users for accuracy. For instance, complete fields like instructor or location and allow the user to enter notes or complete a class evaluation. This tool simplifies records and information management.

Group Training: Save and Assign gives platform managers a way to deliver videos or presentations as a group and then log any data about the session accurately, while still assigning the material to allow a test to be taken or feedback to be provided by the user. This feature requires more information from users, making employee training records stronger in case of an audit.

Voorhies said he was impressed by TargetSolutions' willingness to adapt and improve the platform for its clients.

"Everyone has been very responsive in finding ways to make things work better,” he said. “It's not just about making it work globally either, but all the way down to my department.

If you have questions about the new Save and Assign application, please don't hesitate to contact your account manager. You can also learn more by searching Save and Assign in the Help Center of the platform.

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