NFPA Gas Compression Safety Training Course Undergoes Updates

TargetSolutions’ NFPA Compressed Gas Safety training course has been enhanced with a new user interface and audio track.

An abundance of hazards exist with the handling, storage, and usage of compressed gases. To avoid a dangerous situation, it’s imperative that employees receive the necessary training to fully understand the safety protocols when working with these substances.

TargetSolutions’ NFPA Gas Compression Safety course, with a newly updated user interface and audio track, hones in on the safety protocols and characteristics of different gases, as well as the accompanying handling requirements as determined by the Department of Transportation.

Due to the tremendous amounts of stored potential energy, the probability of injuries and risk increases when working with compressed gases. TargetSolutions’ NFPA Compressed Gas Safety training courses features nine-lessons providing information for safe handling and transportation of these potentially volatile storage containers.

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