North Bay Schools Insurance Authority Stays Ahead of California’s Legislative Changes with TargetSolutions


North Bay Schools Insurance Authority initially envisioned TargetSolutions as a backup safety training resource. It's turned into something far more critical to the risk pool's overall compliance.

At first, NBSIA’s Member Services Manager Suzanne Dillman thought TargetSolutions would be a luxury for the 15 school districts under its membership in Northern California. Call it an added value that would provide training convenience.What's happened since the pool first signed on in 2010, has surprised Dillman, she said. By helping NBSIA stay abreast of critical legislative changes, TargetSolutions' dedicated account management team has gone above and beyond to earn Dillman's respect.

"As new legislation develops, we need to be able to react and address the change in requirements and TargetSolutions has helped us do that," Dillman said. "Originally we entered into an agreement with TargetSolutions to provide compliance safety training. The need we were looking to meet was mostly the mandatory sexual harassment training for supervisors. But when new laws are introduced, like mandatory pesticides training, we can work directly with TargetSolutions to make sure the new training is easily accessible and accomplished. This is more convenient than if we did it through the state and it provides members with online tracking."

When legislation goes out, TargetSolutions is on top of the news and is quick to communicate with its pools. This is critical in California, where new laws are introduced and training updates are required.

"We've worked with TargetSolutions on the mandated reporter training," Dillman said. "There is a new law in California that requires teachers to take it. Now all school employees are required to take that training. Also, Assembly Bill 2246 on Pupil Suicide Prevention, which is a new law and something TargetSolutions brought to our attention. That service has really been valuable for us."

This isn't to say TargetSolutions hasn't delivered on its initial promises to NBSIA. The pool's members have found value in the ability to schedule, deliver and track safety training. TargetSolutions offers an easy-to-use learning management system and more than 50 hours of engaging web-based training for school districts.

"Reducing claims, keeping our school districts in compliance, and reducing their exposure was the goal and TargetSolutions helps us achieve that goal."

Suzanne Dillman, NBSIA Member Services Manager

"We have benefited from the ability to have new employees and substitute teachers in the school districts get the training they wouldn't always be able to receive", Dillman said.
"Some of our districts are tracking live training through TargetSolutions for things that are required by law under Cal OSHA," Dillman said. "They require you to train employees on certain subjects at certain times and keep track of training. This is a good tool for managing all of that."

At the end of the day, the ability to ensure safety training is available provides peace of mind to NBSIA's pool and convenience to its districts. Ensuring all mandatory training is documented is the bow on top for the pool, she said.

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