Celebrating International Project Management Day


On Thursday Nov. 2, project management professionals and their colleagues across the globe celebrated International Project Manager Day, which is meant to honor the specially-trained individuals tasked with coordinating a variety of operational initiatives. The Project Management Institute, a key training and development organization for those in the industry, boasts 450,000 global members and 280 local chapters. The profession itself has become more common as businesses have broken down departmental silos and replaced them with cross-functional project teams.

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The International Institute For Learning (ILL) is credited with launching the unofficial holiday back in 2004, which takes place annually on the first Thursday in November. In the years since, the occasion has gained significant steam. Now, businesses in numerous industries host internal events to honor permanent staffers and consultants leading important company programs. The IIL hosts an online conference featuring 18 presentations and seven keynote speeches, all of which address major developments in the project management space.

“Every year, top companies conduct a study on the most important career paths over the next decade. Project Management is on the short list. And what’s more, it’s considered to be more than a career path; it’s a strategic competency.” – Dr. Harold Kerzner, Ph.D. and Senior Executive Director at International Institute for Learning (ILL)






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