Nuevos Cursos de Entrenamiento Estan Disponibles (New Training Courses Available–in Spanish)


We’re excited to announce the completion of the first titles in our new Spanish-language training library.

The nine new courses cover standard safety topics required in many industrial, manufacturing, and construction workplaces (and required by OSHA and other regulatory agencies).

All courses are 3D animated and include spoken audio narration and a test to confirm your workers have understood the material (in Spanish, of course).

Check out the new titles and view samples below, and keep checking back as we release more titles.

If you’d like to learn more about these courses or view them in a demo, click here.

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Overhead Crane Basics

Description: This course covers the basic components and functions of floor-operated overhead cranes used in industrial facilities. It also covers the inspections of cranes and rigging components that many facilities require to be performed before a crane can be operated.

Overhead Crane Operational Safety

Description: This course covers the dangers associated with lifting and moving a load with an overhead crane, as well as safe procedures that will avoid those dangers. Based on relevant standards for overhead crane safety from OSHA, ANSI, and ASME, as well as recognized general industry best practices. Using clear, concise 2D and 3D diagrams and animations.

Hot Work Safety

Description: Based on FPA 51B and 29 CFR Subpart Q regarding welding, cutting, brazing, and other hot work, this course is intended to help workers recognize the potential hazards of hot work and avoid injuries and property damage by properly planning, preparing for, and performing hot work.

Confined Space Awareness

Description: Don't get stuck in a tight spot. This computer-based training module provides information on confined space identification, hazardous atmospheres, physical hazards, entrance and exit hazards, hazard prevention and permits. Other topics discussed include, atmospheric testing, energy isolation, engulfment, moving or rotating equipment, and rescue procedures.

Pedestrian Safety

Description: Don't set foot on the plant floor or walk into the warehouse without this basic training on safely walking in an active work zone. Learn about blind spots, the importance of establishing eye contact, and staying within designated walkways. This computer-based training module covers pedestrian safety guidelines, mobile equipment guidelines, and forklift driver guidelines.

Personal Protective Equipment

Description: Properly using personal protective equipment (PPE) can seem inconvenient at times, but is better than many unfortunate alternatives that can occur. This computer-based training module will educate you and your team on head protection, eye and face protection, hand protection, foot protection, respiratory protection, and hearing protection.

Forklift Safety

Description: This forklift training video provides knowledge of basic operating procedures that protect against most forklift accidents. This course includes important information required by OSHA as well as recognized best practices on powered industrial truck operation. This course can be used as an introduction to forklift safety or as a refresher on forklift basics.


Description: Protect yourself and your team from unintentional exposure to all types of hidden energy. This computer-based training module describes hazardous energy types, as well as, energy control procedures, including preparation, shutdown, isolation, lockout, stored energy check, verification, and release of lockout.

Fall Prevention and Protection

Description: Working at elevated heights presents a serious danger of falling. Falls can be caused by inattentiveness, slippery surfaces, working in awkward or out-of-balance positions, or insufficient training. This course highlights numerous methods of prevention and protection, including fall arrest systems, which can help keep workers safe from fall-related injuries.

Contact us about obtaining computer-based versions of these courses. Or, purchase DVD copies from

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