October Roundup: Best of Blogs

October Roundup: Best of Blogs

With Halloween over, we are officially in holiday season mode as we near the end of the year!

But before you start breaking out your lights, trees, and other decorations, be sure to catch up on any October Vector Solutions news you missed while you were Halloween party hopping.

From workplace safety to tackling the vaping crisis to best training practices, we’ve got it all covered here - enjoy!

Vector Solutions: Are You Using an EHS Solution to Improve Workplace Safety?

“Workplace hazards are, unfortunately, very real. So, EHS programs and solutions prove necessary, provide real benefits, and subsequently meet the highest priorities of many employees.

“In fact, a study by the American Psychological Association found that millennials rank safety as an issue of workplace stress higher than any other issue - and higher than previous generations.

“Further, EHS programs can also positively impact an organization’s bottom line as a study found a direct correlation between safety and health programs and a company’s stock performance.

“So how, then, can organizations better prioritize their EHS programs?”

Read more about how an EHS solution can streamline workplace safety.

SafeColleges: Webinar: Are You Positively Impacting Campus Culture?

“The NY Times defines campus culture as a ‘powerful source of socialization’ which can affect ‘peer norms and habitual participation in routine practices.’ Knowing this, institutions have several proven methods to positively impact their campus culture. One of the most powerful methods is first year and ongoing prevention training for students.”

Access the recorded SafeColleges webinar to learn about the factors that affect campus culture, methods and strategies to help change campus culture, and more.

Exceptional Child: Understanding ADHD and Helping Students Succeed

“The keys to success in helping students with ADHD are persistence and patience. When an intervention doesn’t work, it’s time to modify it or try something else. It’s not time to stop providing interventions for the student. Behavioral interventions or behavior modification can be defined as a set of procedures in which antecedents, consequences, and the environment are manipulated to increase positive behaviors and decrease negative behaviors. This includes praise for appropriate behavior, use of rules and routines, removal of distracting materials in the classroom, and removal of privileges for inappropriate behavior,


“With the Exceptional Child Online Professional Development System, you can easily deliver evidence-based special education-related training to all staff who support students with exceptionalities. Our 70+ course library includes an ADHD category that offers 4 courses designed to help educators understand the disorder and learn techniques to help children with an ADHD diagnosis.”

Learn more about how Exceptional Child is helping educators and students succeed.

SafeSchools: Vector Solutions Launches Vaping Prevention Resources to Address Dangers of Growing Vaping Crisis

“Often marketed as a ‘safer’ alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, the popularity of vaping among teens has risen dramatically in recent years due to the ease of concealed use and perceived harmlessness, especially in comparison to cigarette smoking. According to data compiled by the National Center for Health Research, the percentage of teens who have tried e-cigarettes has increased from 5% to 19% over the last four years. Additionally, 1 in 4 students in 12th grade and 1 in 5 students in 10th grade have vaped within the past month. The new vaping prevention module offered in the SafeSchools Training Student Courses seeks to dispel the myths about the safety of vaping and explains the risks and potential consequences of using electronic vaping products.”

Learn more about the vaping prevention module and access other helpful prevention tips.

TargetSolutions: The Role of Clean PPE in FireFighter Cancer Prevention

“According to studies discussed in the Firefighter Cancer Support white paper, ‘Taking Action Against Cancer in the Fire Service,’ firefighters experience higher rates of multiple cancers compared to the general population. The highest being a 2.02 times greater risk for developing testicular cancer.

“Additionally, as we’ve learned, a firefighter’s exposure to carcinogens and other hazardous materials doesn't end after emergency response. Research shows a strong link between dirty bunker gear and cancer.

“To help fire service members be proactive in their health, the  TargetSolutions Check It™ application includes a solution for tracking and reporting all personal protective equipment (PPE) inspections, repairs and more.”

Read more about TargetSolutions’ available resources to help reduce the risk of exposure.

Convergence Training: Recorded Webinar: Evidence-Based Training Practices

In this webinar, RedVector and Convergence Training put their heads together to discuss the following:

  • What is evidence-based training
  • How people process information
  • The difference between training delivery methods and instructional methods
  • Blended learning solutions
  • Evidence-based training practices
  • Learning myths
  • Where to learn more

RedVector: Manufacturing Day Resources: Skills Training Guide, and More

With 2.4 million manufacturing job openings expected over the next decade, skills training has taken center stage. In honor of Manufacturing Day, a celebration meant to dispel factory floor myths and inspire the next generation of manufacturers, we offered up 3 free resources to help organizations address the gap.

IndustrySafe: IndustrySafe 6.0 is Coming this Winter!

“The IndustrySafe team has been hard at work developing and designing the next generation of our EHS software, which will be available this winter as the IndustrySafe 6.0 Release! The 6.0 Release will bring several design changes to IndustrySafe’s navigational menu, reports management, and summary screens.”

Learn more about IndustrySafe 6.0’s new design and features.

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