OSHA Updates Guidance on Recordkeeping for COVID-19 Infections (Goes Into Effect May 26, 2020)




Please note: OSHA published a guidance regarding recordkeeping for COVID-19 infections on April 10, 2020, and then released a new, revised guidance after that. The earlier guidance is still in effect, and it will be in effect until May 26, 2020. We've already written an article about the earlier guidance, and we'll update that article on May 26 to match the terms of the new guidance. This article is a brief explanation of the new guidance that goes into effect May 26.

OSHA's published a revised guidance regarding COVID-19 infections and recordkeeping that goes into effect May 26, 2020. You can read that new guidance at the OSHA website.

We've going to wait until the new guidance goes into effect before we update our earlier article, getting into all the details, but feel free to read OSHA's new guidance on your own, paying special attention the following two changes:

1. The second, revised guidance no longer has different rules for correctional facilities, the healthcare industry, and emergency response organizations. Employers in all industries will be treated the same.

2. The second, revised guidance has additional explanations of determining if an infection should be considered "work-related" during the time of widespread community transmission.

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Don't forget to download the free guide below, too. Remember, though--it doesn't include the COVID-19 specific information discussed in this article, although it will help you as you go through this process.
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