Overhead Crane Training Video Now Available


The newest offering from Convergence Training is called Overhead Crane Basics. This course introduces industrial workers to how floor-controlled overhead industrial cranes operate and the basic safe operating procedures for working with them or around them. Training includes:

  • Types of industrial cranes
  • The role of rigging and slings
  • Necessary inspections of the crane and the rigging components
  • Limit switches
  • Sling angle factors
  • Factors affecting load capacity
  • Factors affecting load stability

One of our primary resources has been Frederick “Rick” Heath, of Heath and Associates. Rick is a forensic expert and consultant on industrial machines, specifically lifting equipment like cranes and forklifts. His long-time expertise in manufacturing and engineering has been of great assistance throughout this production. During the writing portion, he helped us with questions about OSHA regulations and ASME standards and how they pertained to overhead cranes. During the multimedia phase, we worked with Mr. Heath to ensure that the 3D crane animations were visually accurate from a “real world” perspective.

Watch a sample of the crane video below, and see what makes Convergence training different.

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