A Look Ahead: Performance Support Solutions for Organizations


Performance support solutions are convenient workplace resources that provide operational support at a moment's notice. The real-time push of relevant, personalized knowledge not only optimizes performance, it closes risk gaps, leading to safer, more capable employees and safer, more capable organizations.

Imagine being able to address high-risk behavior at the exact moment of need. Performance support solutions are learning resources for individuals in their workflow that can reduce mistakes and improve safety. Performance support solutions can also be data for decision makers that provides valuable insight into training needs.

Performance support is shaping the workforce with convenient, user-friendly, and relevant information that helps organizations optimize productivity.

Although performance support complements training, it serves a different function for organizations and their employees. Training helps employees gain a new skill, such as TargetSolutions’ online continuing education courses, while performance support helps employees effectively apply the skill to a job.

Performance support solutions are more convenient than full-length training lessons. Using a mobile application, more compact objectives simplify information so employees don’t need to switch devices or carry additional materials. Additionally, bite-sized lessons are often more immediate and transferable to the task at hand.

Employees in the field do not have time to sort through an entire online course or strain to read a document designed for a computer screen. Therefore, performance support content needs to be user-friendly; meaning it must be easy to find and be mobile optimized, not just mobile accessible. Users can access relevant material made for their smartphones. This way they can pinpoint an occupational need and resolve it immediately.

Finally, performance support solutions provide incident data that tells a story. Insight into training gaps and trends in searched procedures are revealed through this data. Organizations can utilize this information to create measurable improvements in training and edit the type of content available as performance support.

Meaningful data and useful performance support solutions ultimately help agencies finish work safely, correctly, and efficiently. Employees are more satisfied with their performance and organizations can accomplish more with a competent staff.

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