Prepare Students & K-12 Staff for Engagement with Diversity

Prepare Students & K-12 Staff for Engagement with Diversity

The focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity in K-12 schools has only accelerated following the international protests of 2020 around police violence and racial injustice, combined with an increasingly-divided nation that saw the highest level of hate crimes in over a decade, and the equity issues surrounding health disparities of a global pandemic. With these issues at the forefront, school leaders are increasing their commitment to foster a school culture that embraces open conversations and meaningful actions around diversity and inclusion across their school communities.

As we continue to work toward our mission of helping to make schools safer and more inclusive for everyone, we recently introduced new Diversity & Inclusion courses for K-12 Staff and High School Students, developed by DiversityEdu. A leader in diversity and inclusion learning, DiversityEdu was acquired by Vector Solutions in February to enhance Vector’s ability to help meet the critical need for more diverse and inclusive campuses, schools, and workplaces.

Teach Diversity & Inclusion Skills for K-12 Schools

Our courses are proven to increase inclusive language, attitudes, and behaviors. With over 150,000 learners across the nation, our program sets a baseline for inclusion and helps create an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

The courses in our Diversity & Inclusion Program for K-12 schools teach skills for everyday situations, like:

    • Using up-to-date and respectful identity terminology
    • Responding to microagressions
    • Questioning stereotypes
    • Reducing unconscious bias in decision making

Online Learning for Students, Teachers, and Staff

Courses can be added to the Vector Training (formerly SafeSchools) Staff or Student Training System and will complement other safety, mental health, and wellness courses you're already using. Not yet a Vector Training customer? Our affordable, easy-to-use system can be set up quickly, so you can start utilizing the courses with your K-12 Teachers and Staff and High School Students immediately, in both in-person and online learning environments.

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