Preventing struck-by hazards in the oil and gas industry [Video]


In the oil and gas industry, around three of every five workplace fatalities can be attributed to caught-between, caught-in or struck-by hazards. Struck-by hazards are any equipment, machinery, or other moving objects that strike a worker while on the job. When keeping workers safe from struck-by hazards, employers must be proactive about following OSHA safety requirements, and employees must use caution and follow set requirements to prevent an accident from occurring.

When dealing with struck-by hazards, all equipment must be securely fastened or removed before breaking down or setting up a rig. Also, always be cautious when working around mobile equipment. Damaged or risky tools must be discarded to prevent struck-by hazards.

Overall, it is best to report struck-by hazards to management as soon as they are discovered to keep workers safe.

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