Promote a Healthy Lifestyle with TargetSolutions’ Health & Wellness Training

TargetSolutions’ Health & Wellness training course provides students with a thorough understanding of what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle extends beyond avoiding that double bacon cheeseburger or taking a quick walk around the block to burn off a few calories. Instead it’s a day-in, day-out process that sets your body and mind up for success. TargetSolutions’ Health & Wellness training course aims to do just that.

Composed of nine learning modules, this engaging course explores the characteristics of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Topics include the importance of nutrition and regular exercise, as well as maintaining a healthy state of mind. This versatile, industry-inclusive course also examines:

• Burning Calories
• Tobacco
• Substance Abuse: Alcohol and Other Drugs
• Sleep
• Stress
• Mental Health and Disorders

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