Maintain Comprehensive Records of Firefigher Inspections and Assessments with TargetSolutions




“If you’re responsible for managing inventory or maintaining a facility, and you need to collect information, TargetSolutions features powerful tracking tools for capturing that data,” said TargetSolutions Strategic Risk Business Unit Manager Kelly Zielinski. “The system is built to track everything critical to your organization. You don’t need to file stacks of paper anymore.”
If you have any questions about tracking firefighter inspections and/or assessment with TargetSolutions, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.
Record Firefigher InspectionsRecords of Firefigher Inspections
One of TargetSolutions’ most popular pre-built assessments is the Accident-Incident Report Form. This activity allows organizations to capture info on an accident for general liability. TargetSolutions also features pre-built activities for inspecting playgrounds, administrative areas, fire extinguishers, vehicles, and many fire department inspections, including SCBA, PPE, hose testing, etc.

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