Reduce Costly Claims with TargetSolutions’ Claim-to-Course Guide



TargetSolutions features engaging health & safety training online courses built to address workplace safety. These courses are proven to reduce claims and increase productivity.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3 million nonfatal workplace accidents occurred in 2012. Nearly 95 percent of these cases involved occupational injuries.

Back injuries, slips, trips and falls, and driving accidents are some of the most frequent mishaps. With preventable workplace injuries continually occurring, it is important organizations prevent these costly incidents from happening.

TargetSolutions’ Claim-to-Course Guide allows organizations to target certain injuries or risks with online training created specifically to prevent workplace accidents. Using a comprehensive catalog of health & safety training online courses – including OSHA, Human Resources, Employment Practices for Supervisors, and Driver Safety – TargetSolutions works to implement strategies that can reduce claims in the most troublesome and frequent areas within an organization.


With TargetSolutions’ powerful applications, including the Claim-to-Course Guide, organizations like Shasta County have reduced claims and saved money. If you have any questions regarding TargetSolutions, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

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