Reduce Your Liability with TargetSolutions’ Dangers of Speeding Training Course

TargetSolutions’ Dangers of Speeding training course explores the dangerous repercussions of speeding when behind the wheel.

Speeding contributes to nearly one-third of all fatal crashes. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 13,000 lives are lost each year due to speeding and more than $40 billion is lost each year due to accidents where excessive speed is a factor.

These types of incidents are extremely costly to all types of organizations and highlight the need for TargetSolutions' driver safety training.

The versatile Dangers of Speeding online training course explores the ramifications of speeding, identifies legal considerations, and explores appropriate speeds on a case-by-case basis.

Featuring eight learning modules and a 10-question exam, this course is an important addition to every organization’s training program, including emergency vehicle operators and large vehicle drivers.

Objectives of this course include:

  • Describe the pervasiveness of the problem and understand why drivers speed
  • Discuss the legal consequences of speeding
  • Analyze the dangers and costs of speeding
  • Identify stopping distances
  • Explain how to avoid speeders
  • Discuss how to determine the appropriate speed for each circumstance

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