20% Reduction in the University of Mary’s Insurance Premium


20% Reduction in the University of Mary’s Insurance Premium

The University of Mary is a private, Benedictine university located in Bismarck, North Dakota. With a population of 4,400 full-time students and 400 employees, it needed a more efficient solution for compliance and safety training than relying solely on in-person training by subject-matter experts.

Bonnie Dahl, Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator, has been administering the SafeColleges Training System on campus since 2017. In the video above, Bonnie shares what makes SafeColleges Training her preferred vendor of compliance and safety training.

Bonnie highlights the Title IX training and the reactions she receives from employees, the tracking and reporting features, how the University of Mary was able to receive a 20% reduction in its insurance premium, and the positive reactions she receives from training users regarding the SafeColleges Training System.

We're proud to work with Bonnie Dahl and the team at the University of Mary. We applaud their commitment to making sure their campus is even more compliant and safer for all students and employees!

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How SafeColleges Can Help


The SafeColleges Training System offers Student and Employee Compliance Training for higher education institutions. Our Student Course Library covers Sexual Violence Prevention, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Student Wellness, and Campus Life Courses. Our Employee Course Library covers Emergency Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, and much more!

We also provide additional online compliance solutions, such as Tip Reporting, Incident Tracking, and SDS & Chemical Management.



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