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There are certain instances at work where employers are not required to provide an employee with a respirator, but the employee chooses to wear and use a respirator and the employer allows it nonetheless. This is known as voluntary use of a respirator, and there are some important things for both the employee and the employer to know about such voluntary use.

To make sure everyone knows what they need to know, we’ve created our new Voluntary Use of Respirators online training course. In particular, the course explains some requirements employers must fulfill in these circumstances.

To learn more about this new course, and to see a short sample video and a list of the course learning objectives, read on.


Here’s a quick sample video from the new Voluntary Use of Respirators online training course.

The learning objectives for this new online training course about the voluntary use of respirators by an employee at the workplace include:

  • Define the term respirator
  • Define the term voluntary
  • Identify examples of voluntary respirator use
  • List and explain employer responsibilities involving voluntary use of dust-mask respirators
  • List and explain the employer responsibilities involving the voluntary use of other types of respirators
  • Identify the costs related to voluntary respirator use that employers are responsible for

This course is a part of our larger online health and safety training library. Check it out, you may find some other online courses that can help you at work. In particular, check out our personal protective equipment (PPE) series of online training courses, which includes multiple other courses on respirators as well as this one.

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