Rise of Cybercrime with COVID-19

Rise of Cybercrime with COVID-19

Hackers and cybercriminals continue to take advantage of people's fears by using coronavirus-related, and also political, phishing email schemes:

Additionally, cybercriminals are targeting the cloud as more organizations migrate business-critical applications to the cloud, due to COVID-19. A new report found that the percentage of "companies that suffered cloud service downtime increased from 41% in 2019 to 50% in 2020." According to Vince Crisler, founder and CEO of the cybersecurity company Dark Cubed, "the rise in incidents is due to many employees being away from the watchful eye of their coworkers and IT departments, coupled with the ongoing coronavirus crisis and political turmoil."

Here are some tips to spot a phishing email, from Norton.

How to Better Secure Remote Workers

  • Deploy a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Utilize Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA or two-factor authentication).
  • Update and upgrade software.
  • Encourage users to log into their network infrastructure (like home internet) and update their password(s).

Employee and Student Training is Critical to Prevention

Even if your organization has invested in top-notch cybersecurity defenses and backups, properly deployed a VPN, and securely migrated to the cloud, there is always room for human error. Most general users are not aware of how quickly cybercriminals adapt to political, societal, economic, and technological changes.

Your employees and students are a huge part of your security solution. A strong cybersecurity profile, just like any other aspect of your organization, necessitates having a clear plan and training. Employees and students need to understand what the correct process is for avoiding risky behaviors and communicating data.

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