Safe Line Breaking Procedures Course Now Available

Our newest course is Line Breaking Safety. This course is an introduction to the safe opening of pipes, lines, and vessels that contain hazardous materials. We created this training module after receiving a lot of demand for a line breaking course from our industrial clients. We’re happy to announce we’re finished and that it looks great!

We spent a long time producing Line Break Safety, with over 180 hours on research and writing and over 600 hours on multimedia production. We think it was worth it, though, because this course is unlike anything else currently available on the market. Our expert contributor, Dustin Fryberger of Steinmans LLC, had this to say about it when he viewed the finished course:

“That was one of the most professional and interesting courses I have ever seen. I absolutely loved it. You guys hit the nail on the head.”

Line Breaking is a complicated subject. There are so many different ways that pipes and lines can be configured, with many different types of pipes, junctions, and connections. There are also so many types of hazardous materials, and every material has its own set of dangers and safe procedures. This is why the research and writing of this project was so important; we wanted to make sure we were communicating concepts that would apply across-the-board in most line breaking procedures.

To that end, we reviewed actual line break permits and safe operating procedures from some of our industrial clients. We also reviewed the relevant OSHA regulations and widely-recognized best practices for line breaking. After gathering all of this information, we sorted through it to discover the most common dangers, precautions, and safe work requirements that most workers would find meaningful at their jobs.

We received review of the script and the finished multimedia from Dustin Fryberger, the owner of Steinmans LLC, located in Newark, Delaware. Fryberger is an engineer with a background in industrial facility work. His company, Steinmans LLC, specializes in the design and fabrication of standard and custom line blinds for isolating piping and equipment. Mr. Fryberger’s hands-on experience with pipeline procedures helped ensure that our training passed the necessary test for real-world accuracy and relevance.

We are unaware of any training product currently on the market that offers such a thorough introduction to line breaking safe working procedures. We are very confident that this course will be a great tool for introducing industrial workers to the basic concepts having to do with line break dangers, line break safe operating procedures, and the importance of planning and permits in this type of work.


Jeff Dalto, Senior Learning & Performance Improvement Manager
Jeff is a learning designer and performance improvement specialist with more than 20 years in learning and development, 15+ of which have been spent working in manufacturing, industrial, and architecture, engineering & construction training. Jeff has worked side-by-side with more than 50 companies as they implemented online training. Jeff is an advocate for using evidence-based training practices and is currently completing a Masters degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning from Boise State University. He writes the Vector Solutions | Convergence Training blog and invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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