Sample Custom Animation: Machine Safety Devices


If you're a customer of Convergence Training, or if you follow this blog, you've probably had a chance to see our retail training course offerings by now. Which is great.

But we do a LOT of custom work too. And if we've done custom work for you, you know how good it can be. It's obvious to us that our custom-training customers like our stuff because they keep coming back for more. If you haven't seen our custom work, you're missing out.

The problem is, though, we often can't show examples of custom work because our customers understandably don't want to make their business practices public.

All of which brings us to some good news: we recently did a custom project for Omron Automation and Safety that features some of the safety solutions they produce. They're happy to let others see this, which means you can get a sense of the quality of work our writers and 3D animators create every day. A special thanks goes out to the good folks at Omron Automation and Safety's Machine Safety Solutions for letting us show a sample of our new animation on machine safety devices. We hope you enjoy!

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