Introducing New 3D Animated School Facilities Maintenance Courses


We know a safe and secure work environment plays an important role in any institution’s overall safety plan. While there are many factors that contribute to the development of a safe and secure work environment for school facilities maintenance staff, one of the most essential is a comprehensive and recurring training program, which can help empower your employees to work safer and help you avoid OSHA-related fines. In 2018, the National Safety Council reported:

  • 4.6 million workers injured
  • 4.5 thousand died in injury-related deaths
  • $170.8 billion in employer costs (wage, productivity, and medical)

An Effective Approach to Safer Preventive Maintenance and Repair

Training for your facilities and maintenance staff can be costly and hard to manage in the best times. Amidst a pandemic and all that goes with it, this task is even harder.

From Vector Solutions’ SafeSchools Training, #1 provider of school safety and compliance training, we are excited to introduce a new online library of 3D animated courses. Designed specifically for facilities and maintenance staff, help train your team to safely perform preventive maintenance and repairs, without the costs of in-person training or equipment shutdowns.

  • With our new Facilities Maintenance courses, you can provide job-specific training to your maintenance, facilities, grounds, HVAC, and custodial staff.
  • 40 3D animated courses (about 20 minutes each) cover key training topics that are critical to school facilities maintenance teams.
  • Delivered in our online training management system, with easy-to-use features to assign, track and manage training.

Benefits of 3D Animated Courses

The new 3D animated courses can help your maintenance staff work more safely, reducing injuries and avoiding OSHA-related fines. In addition, other benefits of the 3D animated course format include:

  • 100% 3D animated courses provide an illustration of things that cannot be seen easily with the naked eye (e.g. airflow, cross-sections of pipes, equipment, etc.
  • 3D animation can help lead to better learning and comprehension
  • Shows very small things, very large things, very fast things – things you cannot easily see
  • Illustrates points without risking people’s safety or shutting down/disassembling equipment
  • Easier to update when regulations change

Course Categories

The 40 courses in the new SafeSchools Training Facilities Maintenance Course Library address the following important topics:

  • Carpentry / Hardware
  • Cooling
  • Electrical
  • Fire Systems / Sprinklers
  • Heating
  • HVAC
  • Hydronic Systems
  • Motors
  • Plumbing
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Refrigeration
  • Water Treatment

If you’d like to learn more or preview the new courses, please request a demo online.

Want to Know More?

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