TargetSolutions Launches New School Shooting Awareness Course


School shootings have been making news headlines left and right. And while no school district wants to believe this unthinkable act will ever happen in one of their schools, it is vital that all school district employees have a thorough understanding of school shooting awareness.

TargetSolutions’ newly released School Shooting Awareness course highlights everything from the characteristics surrounding past school shootings to warning signs and the role mental health often plays in these horrific acts. It also discusses how to identify, assess, and respond to potential threats, including safety precaution suggestions and ways to improve campus security.

This course also breaks the mold of the typical TargetSolutions course, as it includes an illustrated instructor and audio narration throughout. We hope the invaluable information will help keep students and faculty safer when these unfortunate events happen.

If you would like more information on this course, or any other courses in TargetSolutions library, please contact us today at [email protected].

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