Generate Smarter Data with Test Builder Application’s Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Have you been hoping to see more functionality added to TargetSolutions’ Test Builder application? If you have wanted to thoroughly analyze and query test data to gain a better understanding of how your personnel are performing, you’re going to love the latest upgrades to the online fire training system’s testing application.
TargetSolutions has released two new reports (Test Completions and Test Analysis inside Generate Reports) that enable platform managers to gather results for individual test completions, as well as retrieve a comprehensive analysis of any question answered by users in a test built with the Test Builder application.
test textWith this detailed reporting functionality, platform managers are able to see the percentage of users who answered an individual question correctly, while also discovering weaknesses in test questions and commonalities in responses. Departments can gain a better understanding of where personnel stand by analyzing the data.
“Platform managers will now be able to more accurately gauge the effectiveness of their test questions,” said TargetSolutions Product Manager Misty Pratt. “It’s also a way to do post-test reviews with individuals to identify any knowledge gaps.”
After completing a test, platform managers can review completed tests with users, understand where they may need additional studying, and advise before the user retakes the test. The reports are generated in an easy-to-read format and can be printed in bulk.
“This tool is an amazing quantifier to know if I am writing the test questions correctly, and also to know if the EMS providers get the question,” said Ryan Grebe, who serves as EMS training coordinator for Orange County Emergency Services in North Carolina.
“Once I had a chance to really play with it, I have found several uses for this new tool. For instance, by using this tool we take huge leap forward in validating our exam, and other test questions. This leads us to make better tests that will truly evaluate the competency of the EMS provider so that they are more equipped to apply the knowledge. We then can use this to redirect our training efforts to things that will require more of our attention.”
If you would like more information on the enhanced reporting capabilities of TargetSolutions’ Test Builder application, please contact us today.

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