Fire Departments Oversee Member’s Health with TargetSolutions Check It™

When the COVID-19 pandemic began impacting communities across North America, TargetSolutions turned to its core offerings to create solutions that can further support first responders. To help ensure fire and EMS personnel are healthy to work, the Staff Precaution inspection was developed for TargetSolutions Check It™.

Using this custom checklist, fire and EMS departments, such as Amarillo Fire Department (TX) and Grants Pass Fire Rescue (OR), can track signs of infection in personnel, identify potentially exposed individuals and take necessary safety precautions. Learn more about how these agencies are utilizing this pre-built checklist.

Grants Pass Fire Rescue

Grants Pass Fire Rescue has been using TargetSolutions Check It™ for two years to streamline routine inspections and inventory tracking. Brandon Rigaud, Fire Lieutenant for Grants Pass FR, explained the challenges his agency is facing during the coronavirus pandemic: “Our biggest challenge is keeping our members safe, so one of the ways we’re doing that is by utilizing the Check It™ system. We face the same things everybody else is facing – PPE shortages, staffing concerns and call volume changes.”

Using the TargetSolutions Check It™ application, Rigaud explained his agency members check and submit their temperatures once every 12 hours. By doing so, they can make sure personnel are healthy and can complete their shift. “They’re using the mobile device, which is actually why we opted to use the Staff Precaution checklist,” Rigaud said.

Amarillo Fire Department

“COVID-19 has changed how we respond,” Captain LaGrone of Amarillo Fire Department said. He elaborated that his department now sends out specific fox units when a call may involve an infected patient. By doing so, their agency can minimize their potential exposure to the coronavirus while still providing essential care.

Once Amarillo FD caught wind of the new Staff Precaution checklist, they immediately implemented it for their members. As their personnel already have the TargetSolutions Check It™ mobile app, it was a simple and convenient process.

Following IAFF criteria, Amarillo FD also requires members to complete the self-inspection twice a day, both on and off duty. “The idea behind 2 daily checks is to identify trends over time. We can see when symptoms began and isolate members that were exposed at the same time,” LaGrone explained.


For a demo of how to use the Staff Precaution checklist in TargetSolutions Check It™, watch this complimentary webinar.

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