Steppin’ It Up: Using TargetSolutions to Support Healthy Living


TargetSolutions employees utilized the platform’s powerful Credentials application to record their steps during the “Steptember” and “Walktober” competitions.

Sitting is the new smoking.

That’s what TargetSolutions’ Client Services Manager Jennifer Jones says, citing recent studies exploring the crippling impact of sitting at a desk all day.

That’s why TargetSolutions’ Wellness Team, which implements company-wide activities and events that encourage health and wellness, established the wildly successful “Steptember” and “Walktober” competitions for the months of September and October. The goal: get out, be active, and count your steps while marching upon the path to victory.

For the competition, participants are utilizing TargetSolutions’ own technology, including custom activities inside the Manage Credentials application, to mark their daily progress throughout the month.

“We have set up a custom activity that allows participants to log their steps each day. We have also built a custom credential to allow for easier tracking of the multiple activity completions and to send out reminders each day.”

Jennifer Jones, TargetSolutions

The idea behind the competitions was to get team members up and moving around to counteract the negative side effects of sitting at a desk all day. For an average person, it takes about 2,000 steps to walk one mile. While opinions vary, 10,000 daily steps, or five miles, is a figure that’s routinely suggested to complement a healthy lifestyle. Further studies have found that Americans were accumulating about 5,900 daily steps on average, a far cry from the recommended 10,000.

TargetSolutions’ employees amassed millions of total combined steps to make “Steptember” and “Walktober” a massive success, Jones said.

Client Services Manager Jennifer Antinone claimed victory for both months by walking a blistering 360,039 steps in October and an insurmountable 382,302 steps in September. That translates to an invigorating 180 and 191 miles walked, respectively.

“The walking events at TargetSolutions help promote an active lifestyle at work, which keeps us fresh throughout the day,” said Antinone. “It is so important to stay healthy and engaged and these events promote both of those things.

“I had the opportunity to walk with several co-workers that I don’t interact with regularly and even conducted a few meetings while walking laps around the building.”

Are you interested in setting up a similar credential to track steps at your organization? If so, please contact TargetSolutions at (800) 840-8048 to learn more.


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