EMS Training Tracker: The Ultimate Solution for EMS Recertification


TargetSolutions’ computer-based training system, with online EMS Recertification credentials, provides an efficient, effective way for agencies to meet EMS continuing education requirements.

Offering more than 250 hours of EMS training, TargetSolutions’ powerful online training management system is the industry’s leading software for continuing education.

With dynamic recordkeeping technology, TargetSolutions helps organizations create, deliver, and track certifications with accredited EMS training courses, custom training assignments and electronic forms for documenting hands-on exercises. The end result is a powerful application with pre-built credentials designed for achieving compliance with mandatory EMS recertification requirements.

Here are some of the reasons why TargetSolutions is the undisputed leader for EMS continuing education:

  • TargetSolutions is organizationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE), formerly known as CECBEMS
  • TargetSolutions offers more than 250 hours of EMS continuing education, can be taken in all 50 states, and is accepted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
  • TargetSolutions features more than 80 hours of training approved by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County to meet stringent requirements for Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program (CCEMT-P)

“TargetSolutions really gives you the ability to deliver the whole spectrum of EMS training. The platform as a whole is very efficient and it saves us a tremendous amount of time.”

Brandon Lucore, Division Chief-Operations, North County Fire Protection District

In addition, TargetSolutions offers EMS continuing education courses for individuals who are looking to meet their state’s requirements and maintain certification. Whether you are an EMR, an EMT, or a paramedic, TargetSolutions has the EMS training you need to stay certified.

If your organization is ready to simplify EMS continuing education, click here for a one-on-one demonstration. And if you have any questions, please contact us today at (800) 840-8046.


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