The Importance of Stress Management in Law Enforcement


No doubt law enforcement is a dangerous profession. While the physical dangers of the job are more obvious, it can also take an emotional toll on officers. Knowing this, managing stress in this inherently dangerous position is key to emotional survival.

Online courses in TargetSolutions’ law enforcement training catalog, made with Calibre Press, highlight the importance of emotional and mental health for police officers. These courses use engaging videos, scientific findings and real-world examples. Course titles covering this topic include:

  • Emotional Survival in Law Enforcement
  • The Fundamentals of Stress 101
  • The Fundamentals of Stress 201

Emotional Survival in Law Enforcement

This course provides an overview of police culture and the negative effects of ignoring your emotional wellbeing. Video lessons address the stressors law enforcement professionals deal with every day, the results of those stressors, and ways to cope.

The Fundamentals of Stress 101 & 201

To effectively manage stress, you must understand what stress looks like, what triggers it and the difference between acute and chronic stress. The Fundamentals of Stress 101 focuses on the fundamentals of stress, how you feel when you’re stressed, and how stress can affect you on the job. It also covers the 4 “F’s” of the flight or fight response and how your biology can trump training in these moments.

The Fundamentals of Stress 201 explains how to mitigate stress and recover both mentally and physically after stressful events. This course also provides a better understanding of the circle of control, how physical fitness and fatigue can affect how you handle stress and the devastating effects of chronic stress on an officer’s health.

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