Study: Companies with Strong Learning Cultures are More Successful


Research and advisory services firm Bersin by Deloitte completed a study recently that focused on the utilization of learning and development initiatives among U.S. organizations. The results reveal companies with strong learning cultures are more successful—from higher innovation and productivity to better customer service, quality, and overall profit. Statistically, those organizations are:

  • 46% more likely to be strong innovators in their markets;
  • 34% more likely to get to market before their competitors;
  • 18% more likely to currently be a market-share leader in one or more of their markets;
  • 33% more likely to report higher customer satisfaction than other organizations;
  • 39% more likely to report success implementing customer suggestions; and
  • 58% more likely to be successful at developing the skills needed for meeting future customer demand.[i]

The Value of Blended Learning

As they work to develop their internal learning cultures, organizations in the AEC industry and beyond would be wise to recognize the value of blended learning. Blended learning combines traditional classroom (face-to-face) methods with online training, or eLearning. Not only does this type of training solution provide numerous benefits for the learner—including increased accessibility, flexibility, engagement and retention—but it helps lower overall training costs and ultimately improve your return on investment.

Manage and Track ALL Training with RedVector

In addition to providing the largest library of online continuing education in the AEC industry, RedVector offers a training solution that enables you to easily integrate a blended learning approach into your training program. Our innovative online learning platform lets you manage, track and report on all forms of training delivered to your employees, including classroom instructor-led training (ILT), web-based instructor-led training, and online (asynchronous) training all in the same place.

While instructor-led training methods are valuable and allow for the delivery of critical information as well as real-time staff feedback, it can be difficult to schedule and track completion. RedVector addresses this challenge and delivers a simple and cost-effective solution that lets administrators and training coordinators to standardize the ILT process with a single tool that allows them to:

  • Create, edit and delete custom course content
  • Set up sessions for the course(s) in a classroom environment or webinar
  • Manage course rosters, waiting lists and attendance
  • Add and manage course exams
  • Quickly and easily run reports
  • Track ILT completion to ensure compliance

Keeping Pace with a Changing Industry through Learning and Development

As the AEC industry continues to change and evolve, organizations that place a clear emphasis on employee learning and development programs are those that will advance alongside it. Now more than ever, implementing a strong learning and development program that incorporates all types of training is the key to attracting and retaining the brightest talent—ultimately paving the way for outstanding performance and success.

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