Support Behavioral Health Programs With Vector Solutions

Support Behavioral Health Programs With Vector Solutions

When someone is in crisis, or knows of a family member or friend in crisis, it’s natural that they reach for the phone and dial 9-1-1. In an effort to provide the best possible response and improve outcomes for law enforcement and the public, many agencies are implementing teams with special training for these types of calls.

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These teams, which may or may not include civilians with relevant expertise, have a variety of names including Behavioral Health Units, Crisis Intervention Teams, and Crisis Response Teams. 

The goals are the same regardless of the name: improve outcomes and reduce strain on agencies that are already short staffed to begin with.

To support these new programs, Vector Solutions offers tools that simplify complex staffing situations as well as an early intervention platform to support mental wellness within the agency.

Vector Scheduling For Complex Staffing Needs

Key Features of Vector Scheduling include:

  • Ensure Coverage Across Shifts and Skill Sets - With at-a-glance dashboards to quickly identify gaps, and rules-based logic that only schedules those qualified for the shift and skill set, Vector Scheduling ensures you have the right mix of talent for every shift.
  • Streamline Employee Scheduling - Oversee shifts from the mobile application or any web-enabled device. Easily make schedule adjustments using the intuitive dashboard and view changes in real time.
  • Manage Backfill and Time Off - Intelligent rules automate callbacks and filter responses based on qualifiers.

Guardian Tracking Supports Mental Wellness for Law Enforcement

Benefits of Guardian Tracking include:

  • Improved staff retention and morale at all levels of the agency.
  • Increases employee satisfaction through direct and documented positive recognition. 
  • Records of behavioral performance can be shared when coaching or counseling personnel. 
  • Behavior after a critical incident exposure can be monitored, supporting mental wellness initiatives. 

If your department is considering a Behavioral Health Program or  has recently implemented one, Vector Scheduling and Guardian Tracking can help ensure your success.

Download our white paper, “Support Behavioral Health Programs with Vector Solutions” to learn more about how Vector Scheduling and Guardian Tracking can support behavioral health programs.

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