Take Your Greek Organization’s Prevention Education Efforts to the Next Level


Recognizing Greek Organizations as Key Drivers of Change

In 2017 and 2018, Vector Solutions (formerly Everfi's Campus Prevention Network) honored institutions leading in the prevention of both sexual violence and alcohol and other drug abuse on college campuses with Prevention Excellence Awards at our annual Campus Prevention Network Summit. These schools have completed robust inventories to assess their efforts, earning advanced designations in the categories of programming, policy, critical processes, and institutionalization.

However, a piece of the prevention puzzle has been missing as we consider drivers of change. National Greek Letter Organizations are comprised of undergraduate leaders who often play a large role in bringing about social change on campus. These fraternities and sororities acknowledge and understand the important role their organizations play, especially with the recent widespread attention on problematic behaviors and resulting tragedies. In response, they are offering their own prevention initiatives that span sexual assault, alcohol and other drug abuse, and hazing.

We are therefore extremely excited to announce a new addition to our current diagnostic assessment offerings: Vector’s Fraternity and Sorority Diagnostic Inventory (FASDI).

A New Tool to Support Greek Life Prevention Programming

Created utilizing a public health framework and developed through an exhaustive literature review process into evidenced-based best practices, the FASDI will help National Greek Letter Organizations to identify current prevention strengths and areas for future improvement. Vector Solutions researchers conducted an extensive analysis of prevention guidelines, recommendations, standards, and best practices based on dozens of publications. From this research, we identified 115 distinct recommendations across 22 different categories related to prevention. These categories and recommendations fell into the four core focus areas of our Campus Prevention Network framework: programming, policy, critical processes, and institutionalization. In collaboration with leading researchers and nationwide prevention professionals, the recommendations were translated into a comprehensive assessment tool measuring prevention efforts across these key areas.

Currently, very little exists that examines or provides guidance on comprehensive prevention strategies for Greek letter organizations. Simply participating in one of Vector's Diagnostic Inventories has been cited as a valuable educational/training exercise by prevention educators and their partners. The data from your submission will ultimately provide insights to inform and improve your prevention efforts, and can serve as a comprehensive framework to guide your strategic planning process.

Prevention Education Training for Greek Organizations

Designed for college students, this interactive online program uses the latest evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly engaging user experience, inspiring students to make healthier decisions.

How to Access Vector's Diagnostic Inventories

Organizations are eligible to complete the Fraternity and Sorority Diagnostic Inventory after taking the pledge to join the Campus Prevention Network (CPN).

Members of the CPN have access to all of Vector's Diagnostic Inventories:

Train Your Greek Organizations

Implement Vector's online program into your fraternity or sorority to focus on healthy alcohol use, sexual assault prevention, hazing, and your community values.

Want to Know More?

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