Targeted School Violence Remains Top Safety Concern for New School Year

Targeted School Violence Remains Top Safety Concern for New School Year

Recently, there was an incident in Minnesota where a 12-year-old male was arrested for allegedly firing multiple shots in a middle school hallway. No one was injured, but the school was immediately put on lockdown and law enforcement was contacted. 

In another instance, three people were injured in a recent middle school shooting in Idaho. A 6th grade girl is the suspected gunman. She is said to have pulled a gun out of her backpack and then fired a few shots into the school hallway before entering. The school was evacuated and law enforcement was called on scene. 

School security and safety continues to be a pressing issue across the United States. Many schools are ramping up spending on security officers and initiatives to keep students safe. As students and teachers prepare to go back to a more normal structure in fall 2021, concerns are growing around preventing school violence.

According to the 2021 Averting Targeted School Violence Report from the United States Secret Service (USSS), intervention and prevention before school violence occurs is extremely crucial. The report goes on to state that in the 67 cases of diverted school violence attempts they examined, there was almost always an intervention point available before situations escalated to full-on planned violence. 

Some of the key findings from the USSS report include:

  • Targeted school violence is preventable when communities identify warning signs and intervene.
  • Students are best positioned to identify and report concerning behaviors displayed by their classmates.
  • The role of parents and families in recognizing concerning behavior is critical to prevention.
  • Schools should seek to intervene with students before their behavior warrants legal consequences.

How Vector Solutions Can Help

The Vector LiveSafe Tip Reporting & Safety Communications Platform incorporates the powerful capabilities of today’s smartphone mobile devices to allow people to efficiently, effectively, and anonymously submit security and safety information. Tips are submitted through the mobile app and are enhanced with built-in location details, photos, and videos. Administrators can engage in two-way, anonymous chat to gather and share additional information related to the situation. 

Vector Training’s Staff Safety and Compliance Library includes courses on topics related to school violence, like Crisis Response and Recovery, Active Shooter, Threat Assessment, and School Violence: Identifying and Addressing. 


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