TargetSolutions’ EMS Training Catalog Undergoes Major Boost



TargetSolutions is excited to release EMS HazMat Medical Emergencies Advanced. This all-new course features the latest innovations in online training and is accepted by CAPCE. In addition, TargetSolutions has enhanced three additional titles, including EMS Infectious Disease Control, EMS Understanding the Basics of ECGs, and EMS Operating an AED.

For EMS providers, executing the proper procedure, safely and effectively, makes all the difference in protecting patients and themselves. TargetSolutions’ comprehensive EMS continuing education catalog delivers more than 160 hours of accredited training for EMS personnel. As part of TargetSolutions’ efforts to provide a modern training experience, TargetSolutions released an all-new course, EMS HazMat Medical Emergencies Advanced, and updated three pre-existing courses.

All-New EMS Course

EMS HazMat Medical Emergencies Advanced offers personnel a robust introduction to the complex management of HazMat medical emergency patients. This brand-new course serves as an ideal refresher for paramedics already training in this specialty.

HazMat Medical Emergencies Advanced, which has been accepted by all CAPCE states, as well as the state of Florida for continuing education, helps personnel review the necessary factors to providing proper care to patients, including pre-planning, thorough assessment, advanced instrumentation that detect background and patient diagnostic abnormalities and knowledge of the toxidromes and drug formulary.

While this course presents evidence-based information from national sources and standards, local medical control will be the final arbiter and the AHJ over drug administration, dosages, and clinical indications.

"HazMat response training is crucial to all first responders. With instructor-led, video-based content, this course details how to approach these potentially dangerous situations with safety and care. This training, as well as the other 3 updated courses, are critical for both those new to the profession and paramedics in need of refresher training."

Bryan Fitzgerald, Content Manager, TargetSolutions

Revised Courses Overview

In addition, TargetSolutions has recently revised the following EMS course titles:

EMS Infectious Disease Control: Provides an overview of the risks and realities of infectious disease exposure incidents in the prehospital environment and reviews the requirements for complying with the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.

EMS Understanding the Basics of ECGs: Introduces to the basics of electrical conduction in the heart, including the fundamentals of using an ECG machine and ECG tools, the normal sinus rhythm, ECG leads, and concepts related to the recognition of arrhythmias on the ECG.

EMS Operating an AED: Highlights the signs and symptoms of cardiac compromise, the steps to take to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) properly, special considerations and precautions involving the use of an AED.

The four courses were written by subject matter experts and include real, relevant information for first responders. Course narrators guide learners through each lesson and highlight key points that will be useful in the field. Audio-driven content is also reinforced with a dynamic interface featuring engaging images.

As users progress through each video-based module, they are able to fluidly navigate through the material with options to toggle the video player back-and-forth between lessons. Frequent in-course quizzes test for comprehension of the material and once they’ve completed the course, a 10-question exam will prove user’s retention of critical methods and systems.

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