TargetSolutions’ All-New Course Wrapper Offers a Sleek, Mobile-Friendly Experience

The all-new course wrapper makes TargetSolutions’ online training courses mobile responsive.

The next time you log on to TargetSolutions to complete an online training course, your jaw just might drop. The all-new course wrapper offers a sleeker interface built to improve every user’s experience.

The modern layout makes TargetSolutions’ entire catalog of more than 1,000 online training courses mobile-friendly. No matter what type of device you are utilizing, TargetSolutions will now have a dynamic feel as the course adjusts to fit your screen.

“Our new course wrapper helps TargetSolutions offer another important element of e-Learning: convenience,” said Director of Content Jeremy Lynch. “We understand online training is increasingly becoming a mobile activity, but before this upgrade we didn’t have the ability to design courses to be responsive to the end user’s device. Now we will be able to create courses that cater to the user. Start on a desktop, finish on a tablet or phone. Our wrapper will change as your device changes.”

The new design not only makes TargetSolutions’ online training more user-friendly, but more interactive. The enhanced formatting allows for greater audio and video capabilities. Users can now download course audio files for easier playback while navigating through a course.

Check out this help video to learn more about what has changed with TargetSolutions’ mobile-friendly course design.

In addition to audio downloads, the layout offers the same functionality as before, only in a new style. From the navigation menu, users are able to do the following:

  • Access other lessons from the table of contents
  • Read a course description and other important information
  • Ask their site administrator a question through the course
  • Type notes related to the course material
  • View instructions on how to utilize the course
  • See what percentage of the course’s required time is completed
  • Download an entire course’s audio content

Whether it’s Bloodborne Pathogens Safety training, Sexual Harassment Awareness training, or any other course in the catalog, TargetSolutions will now have the ability to do even more innovative upgrades in the future.

“TargetSolutions training will now be accessible by a wider audience and have fewer audio and video restrictions – no matter the browser. We are excited to take advantage of the content delivery options this wrapper upgrade offers us – whether it’s adding more audio and video or developing scenarios for 3D animation, we are well-positioned to improve how users consume our content.”

Jeremy Lynch, Director of Content, TargetSolutions

For more information on how to utilize TargetSolutions’ all-new course design, please see our help video or contact us at (800) 840-8048.


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