TargetSolutions’ Top 8 Training Courses for Motor Vehicle Safety

TargetSolutions’ Motor Vehicle Safety training catalog features valuable courses on driver safety, emergency vehicle operator training, large vehicle operations, and supervisor training.

TargetSolutions’ Motor Vehicle Safety training catalog offers organizations online courses proven to educate employees and reduce motor vehicle losses. TargetSolutions’ courses for drivers are designed to change unsafe behaviors and reinforce critical safety concepts.

Specific courses are tailored to meet the needs of drivers of various automobiles, including large trucks and passenger vans, as well as emergency vehicle operators. Supervisor curriculum provides supervisors with the training information they need to maintain a staff of safe and capable drivers.

Here are TargetSolutions’ top 8 Motor Vehicle Training courses based on the total number of completions.

  • Defensive Driving Strategies
  • Distracted Driving
  • Dangers of Speeding for Emergency Vehicle Operators
  • Defensive Driving Strategies for Emergency Vehicle Operators
  • Adjusting to Changing Conditions for Emergency Vehicle Operators
  • Accidents & Emergencies for Emergency Vehicle Operators
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Emergency Vehicle Characteristics

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