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We just released our new online training course for Task Analysis. Nice!

Click that link above to explore more about the course on our website, or continue to read below to see a short sample video from the course, check out the course learning objectives, and even download a free series of case studies of some of our real customers and how they benefited from adopting online safety training at their workplaces.

To give you a little flavor, here’s a quick video sample from the new Task Analysis online training course.

And here’s a list of the learning objectives for this Task Analysis online training course:

  • Describe the objective of a task analysis
  • Describe the factors that affect the performance of a task
  • List the steps involved with task analysis
  • Describe the information that should be collected during a task analysis

This Task Analysis course is just one small part of our larger online health and safety training library. And that safety training library includes a series of safety management online courses that includes a lot of courses related to this Task Analysis course and that focus on incident prevention, incident investigation, and similar topics, so be sure to check that out.

Also, we have an online Incident Management Software tool to help you manage safety observations/inspections, near-miss reports, incident reports, incident investigations, OSHA and MSHA reporting, and more. It’s even compatible with our mobile app. If you’re still using a spreadsheet to do all this, it’s worth a few minutes of your time to learn more.

Since you’re here, be sure to download our 10 Benefits of Online Safety Training Guide–it’s free and it’s right below.

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Benefits of Online Safety Training

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