Ten Popular EMS Continuing Education Courses from TargetSolutions’ Online Library


TargetSolutions offers more than 160 hours of EMS continuing education courses created to help emergency responders remain compliant. Courses feature cutting-edge interactions and are available to users to complete at their own pace.

Here is a list of 2014’s 10 most popular EMS courses based on client feedback:

Respiratory Emergencies Basic: Outlines signs of a patient with breathing difficulties. It identifies major causes of respiratory distress and provides a description of emergency care for a patient with breathing difficulties.

Poisoning and Overdose: Highlights how poisons enter the body, the emergency care of poisoning or overdose, and the administration of activated charcoal for patients with poisoning or overdose.

Back Injury Prevention: Focuses on the knowledge and skills you need to prevent a back injury.

Central Nervous System (CNS) Injuries Basic: Provides an overview of the anatomy of the spine and central nervous system and highlights the signs of spinal injury, assessment and medical care of patients with CNS injuries.

Abdominal Trauma Advanced: Covers both blunt and penetrating abdominal trauma injuries and equips EMS providers with knowledge to provide an accurate assessment for patients suffering either or both such injuries.

Non-Traumatic Chest Pain: Provides a review of assessment and care considerations unique to patients presenting with non-traumatic chest pain. Topics include the prevalence and significance of chest pain and the underlying conditions that can cause it.

Geriatric Emergencies Advanced: Highlights the most common physiological changes and how these changes impact your assessment and treatment of common medical conditions and traumatic injuries.

Toxicology and Substance Abuse Advanced: Reviews toxin exposure problems and discusses the various kind of toxicological emergencies commonly encountered along with assessment findings and patient management procedures.

Workplace Stress: Highlights some typical sources of stress, as well as methods of dealing with and reducing stress in your daily life.

Hazard Communication: Provides clear explanation for the need or hazard communication in the workplace. It also discusses ways to protect yourself from hazardous chemicals by following appropriate work practices and using the proper protective equipment.

“At TargetSolutions, we strive to continually improve our EMS library because we understand that quality, comprehensive training not only makes life easier, it actually saves lives.”

Jeremy Lynch, Content Architect, TargetSolutions

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