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All EMS professionals in Texas are required to understand the Health & Safety Code, Department of State Health Services rules, and other applicable laws that impact EMS activities in the state. This is tested when personnel are up for license renewals with the Texas EMS jurisprudence exam.

TargetSolutions’ all-new course, Jurisprudence (Texas), reviews these requirements and allows individuals to complete the jurisprudence exam. Learn more about essential topics covered in Jurisprudence (Texas):

About Texas EMS Jurisprudence Requirements

EMS professionals in Texas that need to renew their licenses must complete an EMS jurisprudence examination before submitting a renewal application. TargetSolutions’ new course and exam bundle is based on this standard for Texas and provides a certificate of completion for personnel's records.

All-New TargetSolutions Training – Jurisprudence (Texas)

This course covers essential topics for the Texas EMS Jurisprudence. Main points include rules and laws, licensing and certification, disciplinary actions, and continuing education.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe Health and Safety Code 773
  • Understand specific definitions as used in Texas Administrative Code Rules
  • Recall the requirements for an EMS provider license
  • Explain why an EMS provider would receive disciplinary actions and identify what types of disciplinary actions are given
  • Describe EMS certification and recertification requirements
  • Explain why EMS personnel would receive disciplinary actions and identify what types of disciplinary actions are given
  • Understand requirements for continuing education
  • Identify the duties and requirements of an EMS medical director
  • Describe the injury prevention and control process

After completing the course, personnel are directed to the jurisprudence exam. By completing this, members will be able to complete the jurisprudence exam and meet Texas requirements.

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