The 10 Most Popular PPE Resources in Community Resources

TargetSolutions features thousands of items inside its file-sharing application Community Resources. Check out the top 10 resources related to Personal Protective Equipment.

The Community Resources application provides the ability to utilize presentations, videos, policies, and more shared by other organizations using TargetSolutions.

The powerful file-sharing tool features thousands of valuable items, including a long list of resources covering Personal Protective Equipment. Here are the top 10 PPE resources inside Community Resources

1) PPE for First Responders against Ebola Exposure Hazards
2) Guidance on Emergency Responder PPE for Response to CBRN Terrorism
3) Principles of Mass Decontamination
4) Structural PPE Inspection Sheet
5) Suggested PPE Use for Infection Control in Healthcare Settings
6) Personal Protective Equipment Basics
7) Turnout Gear: Testing, Certification, Maintenance Inspections, and How It Works
8) Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Donning
9) PPE Doffing Procedure
10) PPE Selection and Modification

These various resources, which can all be found using specific search terms provided in the slideshow, cover a multitude of topics and best practices pertaining to PPE for emergency responders. These resources can be easily assigned to users with TargetSolutions’ online fire training system.

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