The Best of the Blog 2020: Your Favorite Posts


2020 was…how do you even describe 2020? At Vector, our mission is to serve the everyday heroes in our critical industries by delivering intelligent software solutions that empower them to make safer, smarter, better decisions — and that is what we continued to do in the face of all that 2020 brought with it. From resources to solutions to support, we focused on elevating the safety and success of our clients and the communities they serve. Part of that effort meant providing up-to-date, relevant information through our blog so, in honor of the end of this eventful year, we’re sharing your favorite blogs of 2020!

Top 5 Most Popular Blogs of 2020

1. How To Keep Your Essential Workers Safe During COVID-19

“With restricted access to so much of the infrastructure we rely on in our daily lives, essential workers are stepping in to help us access the resources and services we need.”

“Many essential workers are working extra hours or double shifts in order to perform critical vital services, and may be getting little rest or less time with their families and loved ones. Not only is this physically taxing for them, it’s also mentally taxing and can cause a high amount of stress and anxiety. This is why it’s important that they maintain a healthy mental state during and after their shifts as well as have an opportunity to recharge during their time away from their duties.”

“As much as we’d love to believe it, everything won’t magically go back to normal when this immediate crisis has passed and the social distancing and quarantine measures are lifted. Adults and children alike, we will have to process our experience during this difficult time and adjust to our new reality. It’s critical that we continue connecting and supporting one another in the weeks and months ahead.”

Read more to learn how we continued to provide the products and services you know and rely on from our trusted brands while adding new resources and innovative solutions to help you navigate through this unprecedented time.

2. Back To School Safety in 2020: How To Leverage Technology to Keep Students Safe

“With so much uncertainty about how opening schools will impact the spread of the virus, keeping children and teachers safe at school is more complex than ever before and now requires new ways of thinking and operating. Here’s how Vector Solutions is helping schools leverage technology to help keep students, teachers, staff and parents safer in 2020.”

With a highly concerning situation like a global pandemic, rumors and false information can spread quickly and be concerning to parents, staff and students. That’s why Vector has launched a series of COVID-19 online training courses to help keep students, faculty and staff healthy and safe as school districts and institutions of higher education prepare for the upcoming school year.

Workplace safety programs are a helpful way to avoid incidents like illness and injury in the workplace and we’ve talked before about how you can start a workplace safety program. In the context of schools, many of the same ideas apply, mainly making safety a core value. Communicating that you value the safety of your staff, students and parents is important to ensuring they will buy in and adhere to the safety standards designed to protect them.

Read more to learn how we helped schools leverage technology to keep parents, students, teachers and staff safer in 2020.

3. 3 Ways eLearning Nurtures Lifelong Learning

“Things change quickly these days, so we are all constantly learning – whether we know it consciously or not. With new technology, new opportunities and new compliance regulations popping up everyday, we’re constantly learning or we’re left behind. In fact, one Forbes article states “the half-life of any skill is about five years,” putting the burden of learning and developing on leaders in order to keep their organization relevant.”

“Possibly the most exciting feature of eLearning is that it allows for an incredible amount of freedom and flexibility for the learner.”

“In a traditional classroom, you’ve only got so many seats. If an organization has to invest in sending just a few leaders to receive additional education, it becomes an exclusive opportunity. If continuous learning is going to become a requirement in our professional development (and it is), everyone needs access to high-quality training and education, making eLearning powerful in its ability to reach educational markets that would not otherwise be able to access the quality or content of these courses.”

Read more to learn how eLearning can make you a lifelong learner and how that’s a good thing for our health, financial well-being and even our social lives.

4. How to Take Professional Development Into Your Own Hands

“In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to feel that life has been placed on hold. From daily life to family vacations to career aspirations, things have changed fast and the way forward is not yet clear. Well, we’re here to tell you that doesn’t mean you can’t make progress towards your career goals. Far from it, in fact.”

“There has never been a time in our history when so much quality education and training could be achieved remotely. Reach out to your HR department to learn what online training options are available within your organization. Many organizations have subscriptions to online education programs that would let you take courses for free. Other companies offer tuition reimbursement, too.”

“Retired EMS workers are being asked to come back to help on the front lines, so our complimentary EMS Refresher training is allowing them to brush on skills. And, casino workers are using our complimentary online Casino Essentials professional development training to help set themselves up for success when they’re ready to return back to work.”

Read more to learn how the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic can still be an opportunity to empower yourself towards your professional goals.

5. How To Lead Your Team Through Adversity and Crisis

“What can we do to reassure and protect our employees during a crisis? Here are our top tips for leading your team through adversity with resilience, communication and vulnerability.”

“Change is hard, and when you’ve been working for months on important strategic projects, setting them aside during this time can be daunting. It’s critical to remain agile and be able to determine and execute towards your new primary objective.”

“You work to create a strong, vibrant company culture is not lost in times like these – in fact, times like these are why you need an inclusive, resilient culture. By creating a culture of grit and resilience, you’re positioning your workers for success and giving them the tools they need during an uncertain time.”

Read on for our guidance for leading your organization through uncharted territory and some resources we created to help.

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