The Initial Incident Form Has Been Added to IndustrySafe’s Mobile App!

mobile app_incidentsThe IndustrySafe Safety Software team is excited to announce that we have updated our mobile app to allow users to record initial incident forms, anytime, anywhere, with or without an internet connection.

In December of 2017, IndustrySafe launched its mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. Since then, workers have been able to conduct EHS inspections from their mobile devices.

The IndustrySafe mobile app has now received new functionality with an update rolled out in the summer of 2018. With this release, you are now able to record initial incident data in addition to conducting inspections on the go. If you have access to the Incidents module, you can easily fill out the Initial Incident Form within the app from their mobile device. Once a connection is established, you can submit your data to IndustrySafe Safety Management Software so that further investigation of the incident can be conducted and you can fill out additional forms as needed.

You’ll be able to toggle between the Inspections and Incidents modules within the app, provided both modules are part of your IndustrySafe subscription. However, with this release, system administrators will also have the ability to determine which modules are available for their organization to use within the mobile app.

The IndustrySafe mobile is app is available at no extra cost to subscribers of IndustrySafe’s Inspections or Incident modules, and can be downloaded from both the App Store® and Google Play™ for iPhone and Android devices. 

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