The Innovation Continues: TargetSolutions’ Web-Based Platform Makes Advancements in 2014

In 2014, TargetSolutions continued to build out its existing applications and is looking to take its online training management system even further in 2015.
Another year is in the books and TargetSolutions’ team of talented developers made significant improvements to the platform during 2014. Many of the projects completed were a result of customer feedback, which has always been a critical component to TargetSolutions’ success.
“We realize our online system wouldn’t be what it is today if not for the recommendations of our clients,” said TargetSolutions’ Alex Day, who is vice president of operations. “TargetSolutions is committed to delivering the most powerful, user-friendly online training management system imaginable.”
Here are some of TargetSolutions’ most notable technical accomplishments from 2014:
New Test Builder Reports: TargetSolutions’ Test Completions and Test Analysis inside Generate Reports enhancements enable platform managers to gather results for individual test completions, as well as retrieve a comprehensive analysis of any question answered by users in a test built with Test Builder. Learn More>
File Upload Tool: Improvement was made to the File Upload tool inside the File Center. With the upload tool no longer flash-based, it is now compatible with mobile devices like the iPhone. Learn More>
Add SCORM Courses to Certified Credentials: Enhancements enabled the ability to add SCROM courses to certified credentials. After uploading SCORM courses and attaching them to a certified credential, platform managers can add a CE provider name and number to custom courses. Learn More>
TargetSolutions Academy: Whether an organization is looking for basic utilization tips or a comprehensive overview on how to implement TargetSolutions at the highest level, the TargetSolutions Academy webpage can help clients succeed. Learn More>
New Pre-Made Activities to Import: More than 40 new activities were imported for organizations to schedule, deliver and track with the Activities Builder application. Activities can be customized, or assigned as-is to personnel. Learn More>
New Overdue Assignment Report: This report was built to make it easier to run data on overdue assignments, eliminating the hassle of using the Incomplete Assignment report to find information on late assignments. Learn More>
Copy Credentials Enhancement: The all-new Copy Credential tool enables organizations to copy existing credentials, duplicate or edit components inside them, update alert notifications, and then reassign to select users. Learn More>
Easier Articulate Upload: This update made it possible for organizations to upload an Articulate presentation into the File Center and assign it to users with Activities Builder. Learn More>
EMT Course Chat Feature: With certified EMTs on staff, TargetSolutions offers an “Ask an Instructor” feature. Users can ask questions about courses while taking them and TargetSolutions’ staff of EMTs is logged in, ready to answer. Learn More>

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